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School of Family Life

Internship experience is beneficial to you as you determine the right career path and these experiences will give you the opportunity to gain new, marketable skills. Internships are also designed to provide students with a capstone opportunity to integrate theory, research, and practice through actual field experience. Of course, it is not necessary for you to be registered for academic internship credit for every experience you have.

If you would like to explore different opportunities available to you to gain experience, email the FHSS Internship Office ( to schedule an appointment with Karen Christensen, Social Service & Community Internship Coordinator.

Who can do an internship?

Eligible students are those who meet the following 5 criteria: (1) junior or senior status; (2) have completed SFL 101, SFL 160, SFL 210; (3) have completed (or are enrolled concurrently in) at least 9 hours of SFL 300-400 level courses; (4) minimum 2.30 cumulative grade point average; and (5) be in good honor code and academic standing at BYU. If you have concerns about any of the prerequisites, set up an appointment with Karen Christensen (; 801-422-3697) in the FHSS Internship Office to get some help troubleshooting your situation.

Why do an internship?

  • It enhances your career opportunities and performance
  • It can provide a potential job post-internship
  • It benefits your own family
  • It is a great learning experience

What Qualifies for Credit?

School of Family Life (SFL) Academic internship has the following general expectations for an approvable internship experience:

  1. Students must have real, meaningful responsibilities (more than a receptionist, summer sales, retail sales, custodial, etc.)
  2. Students must be mentored/supervised by someone with a college degree and experience in the specific field
  3. Students must have the opportunity to gain new, marketable skills (not something they have already been doing for a year or more)

School of Family Life (SFL) Academic internships are NOT APPROVED for the following conditions:

  1. Students supervising themselves, or being supervised by a student, or by any family member (including in-laws, stepfamily members, extended family, etc.) – students cannot receive academic internship credit at an organization owned or led by a family relation.
  2. Direct Sales teams (Including independent contractors, recruiting, sales, presentations, etc.)
  3. Virtual Experience situations (working/volunteering from your home on your own computer rather than going into an office or other work setting where you have the opportunity to work alongside others and have regular interaction with your mentor)

How do I obtain an internship?

  1. Identify a potential internship site. You are responsible for securing an internship but it must be approved in advance of the experience.
    • Karen Christensen (
      ; 801-422-3697)o in the FHSS Internship office (945 KMBL) can help identify potential internship sites that meet the requirements of the School of Family Life. Please email to schedule an appointment:
    • Also, you will be able to search the Internship database in Karen’s office for potential internship sites.
  2. Once you have secured a potential internship, please click on the following link
    to start the approval application process.
  3. You will be notified via e-mail when the School of Family Life approves your internship. Your e-mail will provide further instructions regarding what you need to do to receive university approval. This involves filling out an additional form.
  4. Finally, after receiving final University approval, you will register for SFL 399R. You should plan on registering for 3 credits of SFL 399R  - in order to fulfill the department’s capstone requirement. If you want internship credit during spring/summer, you should apply for ‘sprummer’ credit that covers both spring term and summer term as if they were one semester.
  5. SFL 399R requires at least 45 internship hours per 1 academic credit – so in the case of 3 credit hours, an intern would need to work at least 135 hours across a full 16-week semester. To meet the total of 135 hours, you will want to work about 10-12 hours per week minimum. It is important to note that some internship sites may require 15 hours per week for the internship to fully benefit you and them. rich opportunities for you.
  6. Only 3 credits of internship can count towards your SFL major requirements, so it isn’t advisable for a student to try to sign up for more than 3 credits for one internship experience. The variable credit option is designed to accommodate very unusual circumstances (e.g., international status).
  7. SFL 399R is primarily organized as an online class with assignments and Zoom class meetings that you will complete in conjunction with the actual work hours associated with your internship. Consequently, you will be required to pay tuition for the number of credits for which you register. Once you are registered and have Learning Suite access, you will be able to review the syllabus for details about the specific course assignments.

Can I get a grant as financial support?

FHSS Internship Grant: If you are an FHSS major and will be earning SFL 399 credit in a future semester, you are eligible to apply for financial support to help you during your internship. For more information and find the application deadlines, go to this link:

SFL Mentored Learning Grant: Current undergraduate students who are declared majors in the School of Family Life (SFL) may apply for an SFL Mentored Learning Internship grant. Individual grants are available each academic semester (Fall, Winter, and Spring-Summer) during the academic year. For more information and find the application deadlines, go to this link:

Have an internship to offer?

Companies, non-profit organizations, and agencies that wish to have interns from the School of Family Life should contact Karen Christensen (801-422-3697 or for more information.